Agile Feedback

Everyone Agrees Feedback Is Critical

Performance management is changing but there is one thing everyone agrees on. The ability to give and receive feedback at any time in a flexible way is critical to successful people management.

What is Agile Feedback?

Cognology Performance Management software has extensive feedback capabilities. One of the newest tools is called Agile Feedback.

Using Agile Feedback you can give, receive or request feedback at any time. Agile Feedback can be structured or open-ended.

Who Is It For?

It’s great for people who work on projects or a way to improve the user experience with your performance management cycle.

Agile Feedback versus 360 Degree Feedback

Agile Feedback shares some similarities with 360 Degree Feedback. You can invite multiple people to provide feedback. Where it differs is the ability to quickly get feedback on a small set of questions.

Screenshot of Feedback

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